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Hello! We are a group of volunteers who clean a stretch of the Grand Canal once a month. We meet on the first Saturday of each month. We cover the stretch between Portobello Harbour and Percy Place, or a little further in either direction if we can. Our next clean-up? Saturday, 4th May @ 10 amWe meet on Wilton Terrace, at the fourth bench from the Leeson Street Bridge. We provide gloves, pickers and bags, so all you need to do is bring your energy and dress for the weather.

Everyone is welcome.


Thank you to those who support what we do:
Equipment donation: Dublin City Council & Waterways Ireland

Waste Collection: Dublin City Council

Coffee: Starbucks Leeson Street

Not near you? That's ok; we're not the only group.

Royal Canal Clean-Up Group
Grand Canal Dock Community Clean-Up

Dolphin's Barn Canal Biodiversity & Clean-Up Group

Inchicore Environmental Group

Tidy Drimnagh

Or if you are particularly interested in biodiversity:

Grand Canal Biodiversity

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